McGraw-Hill’s National Electrical Safety Code 2017 Handbook

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McGraw-Hill’s National Electrical Safety Code 2017 Handbook


by David J. Marne

(Hardcover 6″ x 9″)



This is a hands-on guide to the 2017 NESC that clarifies Code Rules and enables electrical professionals to achieve full compliance. The NESC sets the rules for protecting both the public and electrical professionals during work on electric supply and communication lines and equipment. McGraw-Hill’s National Electrical Safety Code 2017 Handbook gives engineers and line workers a rule-by-rule annotation of the NESC that clarifies the often confusing Code text and allows them to perform their work confidently and safely.

  • Practical examples of Code application
  • Rule-by-rule overview of the 2017 NESC
  • Over 500 detailed illustrations and photographs
  • Controversial rules explained

About the Author
David J. Marne, P.E., is a registered professional electrical engineer. Mr. Marne is the author of McGraw-Hill’s National Electrical Safety Code Handbook and is a nationally recognized speaker on the NESC. He serves on NESC Subcommittee 4 Overhead Lines Clearances, Subcommittee 7 Underground Lines, Subcommittee 3 Electric Supply Stations, and the Interpretations Subcommittee. He is company president and senior electrical engineer for Marne and Associates, Inc. in Missoula, Montana where he specializes in NESC training. Mr. Marne has over 30 years of experience in the utility industry engineering and managing transmission and distribution line projects, substation projects, electrical system planning studies, joint use (power and communication) projects, and providing training and expert witness services.